Meet me as your Berlin Escort

Berlin has always fascinated me as it is such an old and yet new city. There are so many opportunities here to see history as well as modern pleasures. Why not invite me to visit you as an escort for Berlin and we can enjoy all this together?

Checkpoint Charlie

The Berlin wall is thankfully down, but we can still see one of the most important crossing points between east and west in the centre of town. There is a checkpoint booth on the old American side, a museum where we can learn more, as well as bars and cafes where we can sit and discuss this fascinating bit of history.


Berlin is so lucky to be blessed with such a green space right in the heart of the city. This Tiergarten is the perfect spot for a romantic picnic, some sunbathing or just relaxing. The Berlin zoo is located here too, and on the north side there are many embassies as well as the rebuilt Reichtsag or German parliament building.

Brandenburg Gate

Berlin’s iconic gate connects the old East side with the Tiergarten park and is a popular place to take a photograph. It’s really stunning these days, and as your Berlin escort companion, on any longer dates then we simply must visit it. The large square known as Pariser Platz is a central point where we can hire a guide to see the rest of the city.

Hotel Adlon

If you want to experience luxury in Berlin, then we simply have to try this historic hotel now part of the Kempinski group. Its location on Unter den Linden on the east side of the Brandenburg gate is as central as it gets, and the elegant suites, top spa and delicious restaurants have been drawing celebrities ever since reunification.

Sony Centre

This modern complex of shops, cafes, restaurants and offices is round the corner from the Potsdamer Platz railway station and is a super place to visit. There is an IMAX theatre where we can watch the latest releases, a Legoland and enough to keep us entertained during our day time in Berlin, with hotels where we can enjoy the evening too.

KitKat Club

Berlin is known for its open-minded nature (a bit like me) and this is most obvious with the KitKat club, a night club where anything goes. If you like electronic dance music and don’t mind seeing people making out and more, then we can go here together. As an open-minded Berlin escort, it would be my pleasure.