Meet me as your Dubai Escort

Dubai has always fascinated me, as it is an ultra-modern city in the middle of the desert. Of course the shopping possibilities are interesting for me, as well as the different cultures. The idea of a balloon ride or desert safari also appeal. Meet me as your Dubai independent escort and we will have a blast together.


Go to top of Burj Khalifa

I would love to experience the thrill of getting to the top of the world’s tallest building with you. I believe the views from the observation deck on the 124th Floor are amazing. The lower floors of Dubai Mall are a shopper’s paradise where you can buy anything you want, so if you fancy some retail therapy, you have found the right Dubai escort!

Dinner at Burj al Arab

The Villa Beach restaurant at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel is known as the best place in town to eat. We can enjoy some delicious Mediterranean food from our beahside table at the foot of the iconic Burj al Arab, and watch the sunset over the Persian Gulf. Later we can go for a walk on the sand and see the Dubai skyline from the waterfront. A romantic end to the perfect day.

Desert Safari

Dubai is of course next to a desert, and a fun way to enjoy it is to take a jeep safari out to the luxury tents where we can sit by the warm glow of a fire, eenjoying a meal together under a starry desert sky. If you are up for more activity, we can go dune bashing, and get in the mood by watching some belly dancing. Maybe I can learn some moves and show you later?

Hot air balloon ride

I am not such an early riser, but the prospect of taking a hot air balloon ride with you might make me do it. I would love to enjoy this romatic experience with you as your elite Dubai escort. As we soar over the endless ocean of sand, we can spot a variety of weird and wonderful animals such as oryx, gazelle and camels.

Raffles spa

To experience the ultimate in relaxation, we can enjoy a couples massage the Raffles spa in a luxury couples suite. This love den is fitted with a private whirlpool set in an outdoor garden pavilion, and the treatment is followed by champagne, chocolates and strawberries by the pool. This sounds like the perfect way to spend a relaxing day together.

Chillout in an ice lounge

The Chillout Bar is the first ice lounge in the Middle East. Its unique interior is chilled to below zero, and is decorated with magnificent ice sculptures. There is a buffer zone chilled to 5 degrees which lets us get used to the temperatures. This will be the perfect place to cool down while getting hot in Dubai with me, your elite blonde independent companion.