Meet me as your Istanbul Escort

I love this fascinating city, and would be so happy to visit it one day with you. Book me as your Istanbul escort and show me off as your luxury girlfriend.


Hagia Sophia

This former Byzantine church from the days of Constantinople later became a mosque under the Ottomans and is now a museum. It’s a stunning piece of architecture to look at, both inside and outside, and it’s amazing to think it’s almost 1500 years old. Next door is the Sultan Ahmed or blue mosque, and I would love to see that too with you.

Take Boat on Bosphorus

Istanbul is of course a city divided by the Bosphorus straits which separate Europe from Asia. There is a bridge, but the boat is so much more romantic. We can even take a dinner cruise together and sail along the straits all the way to the Black Sea. Some cruises even offer a belly dancing show which I would find very erotic.


Located not far from the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque, the Topkapi palace complex was the home of the Sultans for centuries. Today it is a museum where we can walk around and explore its splendour. The old harem seems interesting, but if you choose me as your independent blonde escort in Istanbul, then you won’t need any other woman!

Istanbul Aquarium

I love aquariums as they are like a living museum full of beautiful fish which you can’t see otherwise. Istanbul has one of the biggest thematic aquariums in the world, with a 5D cinema, and even offering the possibility to swim with sharks and rays! If you are looking for a different kind of escort experience in Istanbul, let’s do this!

Grand Bazaar

Istanbul has one of the best bazaars in the world and I would feel honoured to explore it with you. There are 61 covered streets containing 4000 shops and is often considered to be the word’s first shopping mall. I love these kinds of places where we can see so many unique items and haggle over prices..

Dinner in the Galata tower

For many years this was Istanbul’s tallest building, and today this landmark allows for amazing vistas over both sides of the Bosphorus. At the top is a restaurant where I would love to be your perfect Istanbul dinner companion. We can talk about all the fun things we saw in the day time and look forward to the fun things still to do.