Meet me as your Tel Aviv Escort

Tel Aviv certainly excites me, as does the whole of Israel. So if you would like me to be the perfect girlfriend to enjoy the Tel Aviv and cities around it like Netanya or Haifa or a trip to Eilat on the Red Sea, then consider me as your best escort choice.


Love the beach

Tel Aviv is nicely situated next to one of the best beaches in the Eastern Mediterranean, and is the perfect place to spend day and night. We can suntan and go for a swim in the afternoon, go for dinner in one of the many beachside restaurants, and then go for a walk in the evening and enjoy the atmosphere.

A walk in the park

At Hayarkon Park, we can get away from the hectic and busy life of downtown Tel Aviv and get ourselves a relaxating and calm aura. We can then get all romantic and hire a boat to cruise in the middle of Tel Aviv’s answer to Central Park, enjoying the fauna and flora of the area. I can’t imagine anything more romantic!

Stay at the best hotel in town

Just 10 minutes walk from the beach is the Brown TLV Urban Hotel, ready for us to enjoy the most luxurious experience. The rooms are all brown leather and soft fabric, ideal for getting in the mood for romance, while the sundeck allows to get a tan, and the spa offers all kinds of massages that will make your date with me all the more memorable.

Museum of Art

Tel Aviv is blessed with one of the best art museums around, and it is a super place for a look in the afternoon. We can see original masterpieces from the likes of Picasso, Miro and Lichtenstein. If paintings don’t inspire you, then we can go for a walk in the Lola Beer Ebner Sculpture Garden
and relax in the sun.

Swim in the dead Sea

The Dead Sea is one of the most fascinating places in the world for me, an inland sea that is the lowest point on earth, and so much salt that we can float in it! Plus, all the beauty products I have tried from there are totally awesome, so I would love to try it out for real! This could be the highlight of your date with me as your Tel Aviv escort.

Visit the Masada

Overlooking the Dead Sea is this ancient hilltop fortress in the Judean desert, and the history of this UNESCO-protected site is truly amazing. It is possible to hike up this 400 meter high hill to get to the archaelogical site, but if we visit in summer, I suggest we get the cable car, in order to preserve energy for more erotic fun!